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#80 Screen Disc for ESL 17 Polisher

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17" Screen Discs #80 for ESL 17 Polisher
* Two sides of sanding with one screen, when you wear down the first side, just flip the sanding screen over to use the other side.
Sanding Screens (Screen Discs) - Mesh screen disc with strong fiber, uniform open construction and consistent cut from start to finish. Sanding Screens are an open mesh fabric heavily coated with silicon carbide abrasive. Its durable, open weave mesh design is non-loading and coated on both sides for longer lasting reversible wet or dry use. Sanding Screens are available in a number of different mineral grades: 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 grit.

For refinishing wood gymnasium floors and racquetball courts at schools and sports facilities.
For preparing wood, concrete or other floors for coating or recoating using conventional sealers or finishes.
60-80 grit screens are often used for the removal of concrete coatings while the 100-150 grit are generally used for wood floor preparation.
Average life expectancy for screen discs when used on wood floors is 300-400 square feet per disc.
When used on concrete floors coverage will vary from 100-150 square feet per disc.
For use with conventional floor machines.
Fast action wood floor refinishing.
Sandscreens are the perfect choice for sanding dull and scuffed wood floors or those embedded with grit and grease.
Choices of grit for just the right aggressiveness.
The open mesh construction resists loading.
Screen Tip:

Screens can be rinsed and reused to prolong sanding life. Rinsing the screens removes any debris or build up in the screen, exposing a fresh cutting surface. Always place a RED pad between the screen disc and the pad holder.

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